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LS2 Silverado SS?


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Okay well he is my situation. My truck has been in and out of service for the last 7 months. My check engine light comes on all the time same code P300 Multiple Cylinder Missfire. There is no indication of a misfire, i.e. studder, noise, loss of power. NOTHING... The code is only thrown when the motor is under no load, coasting or idle, usually comes on when I am looking for a parking spot or taking a corner. Last month GM had my heads removed and the valve seats machined down, they said one was sticking. Now it still throws the code. My service manager is awesome been working with me the whole time, doing his best to help me. Now I have been working with Chevy customer service, I informed them I have an appointment with an attorney tuesday to lemon the truck. They are asking me what can they do to satisfy me, Well I asked for a replacement truck and I dont think that is going to go over well. Would it be difficult for them to swap out my engine for a LS2? Is that even possible? I dont know what I am going to do. This truck has been nothing but a headache, But I love it and I want to keep it. Any ideas? Zippy what do you think? :flag:

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i had the same problem with my pcm tune.  its a common problem.  i hope you arent going through all of this over a p0300 code that can be fixed with tuning.  bryan hooked me up in about 3 days.  good luck to ya though :thumbs:

So are the tunes bad or the PCM's because it happens with a stock tune that has been reinstalled on a differnt PCM.

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