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Anyone Procharged an '04

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I'm just curious to if anyone has procharged an '04 and how they did it...


Fuel Pumps, Tuning, Injectors, Intercoolers, ETC.?


and if anyone has run the wideband on it for the O2...


From Zippy's Research on the '03 Fuel problems and running lean and the '04's being a different animal, I just wanted to get all of my ducks in a row prior to installing mine.


I've been told to loose the Fuel Pusher Pump and FMU, Install 42LB Injectors and a custom tune from Bryan over at PCM For Less, but I'm not sure how to feed it the fuel it needs at higher RPM...



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Not trying to upset anyone just letting u know what happened to a couple of friends of mine they both have rustangs HAHAHA but they both got the procharger systen and within 3 months they had to replce the belt tensioner and the bearings on the procharger pully i figured i should let u know that is y i got the radix and i love it.

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