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Timeslip and video from 4/20/05


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Went to the track last night to try the V out in the 1/4 mile.

It ended up raining out so the good news is I will be going back on Friday for free with my raincheck tickets. :eek:

Seen a couple friends there, Jay (qwank) and Jeff (C3man)

I didn't get the times I was looking for but with a better launch I think she will run low 13's.

I didn't ride the clutch out far enough and ended up getting some wheelhop and a crappy 60'

Anyway to the time slip and 15 second video clip.


And the video


I hope to have some better times to post after Friday night.

You need to remember I have been driving trucks and Suv's for over 10 years and all but one have been automatics. I use to be pretty good with a stick in my younger years so I know it will all come back to me.. :driving:

Anyway, enjoy and share your thoughts.. :cheers:



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Thanks, I am going back tomorrow night and still hoping for a sub 13.5

I just need to get my 60' down some without letting her wheelhop to much and should be able to get it. The weather is to be cooler tomorrow night to, with no rain I hope..

I don't even remember what the car I was racing was, pretty bad I know.. :thumbs:



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Thats awesome, those times are pretty good, what other mods did you have in mind for the CTS-V



I have on order now;

the B&B headers and high flow cats

the UUC short shifter


Need to make time for a Westers tune


Mods I plan to get that I haven't ordered yet;

TPIS light weight flywheel and clutch kit

BMR Carbon fiber driveshaft

170 degree thermostat


I also have on hand, not installed yet;

the BMR toe rods and trailing arms

a NX wet Nitrous kit with the progressive controller

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Went to the track again last night, still can't launch her there for $hit.

I need to get the wheelhop kit on before I go again, and I really hope that it takes care of the problem enough to enjoy this car.

Anyway here are the slips and then the videos,"I was car 574" note the terrible 60' times.. :banghead: No personal best but a couple more runs under my belt..






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