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Just some pictures

Big O

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Hey the wife and I are bored so we decided to post some pics ... hey who doesn't like pics?


Here is a herd of Antelope hanging out in our backyard.



Wed night / Thurs morning we got 17" of snow in 12 hours




And since the weather changes so fast here in wyoming ... we see this crap




But the snow days sure make it easy to find time for the camaro




And the wife wants everyone to meet the kids



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The pepsi can ruined the last picture. :jester:



mmmmm .... pepsi is good .... mmmmmm kay.


Glad you guys enjoyed the pics. I was thinking along the line of dylan also ... it is nice to break up the :repost: 's with a little something interesting on the side.


:cheers: everyone


Big O and Mrs. O

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Or just use the off-topic section of the forum...... :confused:



Or just use the picture post forum ....


We weren't suggesting a whole new forum for this ... we were just thinking that a thread (specifically this one) could be run that could host a multitude of different (yet interesting) pictures of things going on besides the SS.


For the people who have read everything on this board and are still hanging around ... it gets a little old reading :repost: after :repost: after :repost: ... I am fully aware that new blood enters the board all the time and they are just as eager as I once was ... but now there is little excitement to keep me keyed in on the board. I just thought it would be a good and entertaining way to keep older members from straying away from the board becuase there was never anything new on the posts.

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More pictures less talking .... Wyoming has some of the largest coal mining equipment in the world ... dunno for sure where this truck is from but it pales in comparison to our trucks out here. enjoy



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