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I have been looking for quite a while for a Black 05 SS.Looked at and talked to 12-13 dealers.most were helpful,had 2wd and searched the listings for a AWD while I was talking to them(thanks).

1 was a real jerk...Getting a Chevy in Columbus Indiana is NOT imho recommended unless you want to pay full list for it.DROVE 60 MILES TO THIS DEALER AND AFTER 2 1/2 HRS,THE MGR SAID THE OWNER CAN"T SELL THE TRUCK TO ME AT THAT PRICE---HE WAS AFRAID HE WOULD GET AUDITED AND NOT GET HIS ALLOCATION!!!!

He could have told me that right up FRONT and saved us most of the morning.


Went to the dealer in Indy-HUBLER CHEVROLET- an they took care of us,good friendly staff,knowledgeable sales people and a cool sales mgr.He pulled as many strings as he could and we were done in 3 hrs-prep,detail,paperwork and all!

had to drive the new truck home 95 miles on a clear evening on the interstate-TOO BAD!!!! :D

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