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Engine Help plz


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just my opinion. assuming that you arent going to half ass anything, heres my list of companies.

throttle body-bbk

mass air flow sensor-granatelli

heads-brodix, air flow research aka afr


shift kit-trans-go


cold air induction-k&n

suspension-eibach or hotchkis



gauges-auto meter

pcm tune-pcm for less

forced air induction-(i hope i dont step on any toes here) procharger

nitrous-not an option in my book

exuast-flowmaster or magnaflow

high performance blinker fluid-send $100 money order to quickspeed racing


needless to say, no matter who you ask, you are going to get different opinions. these are just my preferences. i didnt cover everything here obviously, cause to do that would take me all day. since no one would answer your question, i thougth i would throw a couple of my favorites out there for ya so you can do some research. as always, if ya have any other questions, e-mail me! quick

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