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Yank TT 3000


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I am looking to sell my Yank TT 3000 that I bought when I had my 2001 Silverado 4.8L 2wd and they pulled it out when I traded for the SS. I have never got around to installing on the SS as I waiting until after warranty was used up and now I am trading it in. It has been sitting in the box for the last year so let me know if anyone is interested and what kind of value you would put on it. Thanks.

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Sorry everyone I have not been around a computer for about 3 weeks have been busy on the road with work. I still have the converter and it is the Yank Truck Thruster 3000 for the 4L60E/4L65E. Below is from the Yank website


278 mm, 3000 stall, 2.21 STR, 98.6% efficiency! This converter is a modified Truck Thruster 2600. Being so, it shares the stock-like appearance, super-high efficiency, and impressive towing capacity of its lower stall brother.




Guess I am hoping for $300 plus shipping. Appreciate thoughts.

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