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Went to Auto Zone and got codes read

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ok, iam pretty sure the P0172 means bank 1 is rich and the P0175 means bank 2 is rich. so basically your truck is running rich or it thinks it is. your PCM is most likely leaning out the mixture as well. i have the lean bank 1 and lean bank 2 codes right now(p0171 and p0174) and my truck is richening up the mixture BIG time.


the P0300 is random/multiple misfires. that could be caused by a whole barrage of things. search for P0300 SES code and you will find much on that.


what was the most recent modification you have done to your truck? have you recently installed a new tune?


i have a flashing engine light and a p0300 code after a new tune and driving it a while, so it could be a tune that you had recently (1-2 weeks ago).


it was all in the tuning, and bryan fixed me right up.


it may be your o2 sensors giving you the 172 and 175 codes though. somebody here with more expertise will chime in though, dont worry.


ive had so many damn codes since ive joined this website :banghead::crackup: and started modding my truck


thats just the price you pay to go faster and have fun :driving:

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P0101 -- "MAF or VAF CKT Range/Perf"


P0172 -- "System Too Rich (Bank 1)"


P0175 -- "System Too Rich (Bank 2)"


P0300 -- "Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected"


Assuming that your tune accounts for your mods, and that you didn't just add a mod and then started seeing codes (if so, which mod?), you are likely looking at a faulty MAF connection. Snug up that plug (and if it is snug, unplug and reconnect), check for leaks around the Volant and the VR stack, clear the codes and see if they pop again. If they do pop, take out the velo stack, rinse and repeat.


If you do either of these steps and only get the P0300 or the 17x's and the 300, let me know. BTW what did you gap the TR55s at?

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"IF" Autozone didn't clear them for you, they may not go away immediately, even if you fix what may be causing them. I believe it takes 2-3 times without the code present in order for it to clear itself.

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