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From PUTC 2005 SS 2wd

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Thats Kick SS. That thing can really lay down the rubber.....



The really kick SS thing is that you cant see my truck in that picture... :driving: (thats because when he was pealing out I had gripped and gon ahead of him...) :crackup:




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Sweet pic, went over and read the article. They said it had a 4L85E :confused:

I'm thinking that is a mistake. They also mentioned the new brakes, I thought the SS kept the rear disks?

What the heck is going on with this guy's article??


You gotta love an optimist, here's hoping their right :dunno:


“This (9.5-inch ring gear) will start allowing us to put the performance levels above what we’ve had in the past,” said Michael Tulumello, vehicle line director for GM’s fullsize trucks.


Reading between the lines, it means that an even more powerful engine may become available in the Silverado SS soon and that the LQ9 will be offered in other Silverados. One online source says GM is looking at an engine with nearly 400 horsepower for the Silverado SS as well as offering it in a regular cab, shortbed configuration.

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