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FS: Gas powered Hobico Superstart Select RC Plane


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Here's an auction link for one on eBay:

Plane Auction


I'm selling mine for a lot less. The whole plane is pertty much brand new. Engine has been broken in by running 2 tanks of fuel through it. Body kit is brand new and will require some assembly. Servos are new and will have to be mounted. Remote control is brand new also. The plane came as a kit and I tried to fly it and crashed on my first flight. Damage was repairable to the plane body, but I just bought a new body($100) and never put it together. Plane comes with everything needed to fly. Electric starter, field box, 2 batteries(1 for starter, 1 for field pannel), extra set of wheels, extra tail wing and lots more. The plane cost me over $300 new plus over $200 in extras. I would guess over $500 into the plane but willing to sell for $250. I would prefer the buyer to pick up the plane, but can ship. Any questions, just let me know.

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