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Gonna miss this one...


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We finally reached the end of the lease on my wife's Suburban. It's been sitting around for a while because she went and bought another SUV 10 months ago, and the lease company would not take it back early. I spent all weekend detailing it, and took this pic to remember it by (*note: normally my SS gets the driveway spot, it's just off-camera right now... Suburban was in the driveway getting washed). This truck has taken us everywhere, and done everything... all the way to South Florida and then down the Overseas Highway all the way to Key West 5 times, countless family trips to dinner & the movies (it has a 3rd seat so it could take 7 people comfortably), it's helped us move 4 times, and it's taken me away to several weekend-long paintball games/campouts. There's nothing this truck couldn't do, and even loaded down to the max, it drove the same as if it was empty. The reason we didn't buy it out after the lease is because they wanted 2 1/2 times the Blue Book value for it, so we regrettably had to let it go. The reason I am making this post is, I was wondering if anyone else had a vehicle that they miss and was sorry to see go?


Anyway... here's to ya, Suburban. :cheers: We'll miss ya! :sigh:

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I wish my dad had kept some of his vehicle......he just had to get rid of all of them before I turned 16......and now at 23 I want them back:


'23 T Bucket

'63 Vette

'67 Chevelle


There were others.....but these were my favorites....... :tear:

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