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Cam stuff/DVD setup FS


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I've got a Lunati Custom Grind Cam that I bought slightly used, but it is in good shape. specs are 216/224 .558 114LSA

Comp 918 springs- about 4k miles

Comp Ti Retainers- about 4k miles


I'll sell all of this for 400 shipped or make me an offer if you just want part of it


8" widescreen Pioneer Monitor. Not sure of the part # but I can get it if you want. It is a high quality screen, very nice picture quality. I've had it in my truck for a little over a year so its just slightly used but in good shape.


Panasonic CQdvr909u in Dash DVD/CD player, This is the model with the center channel speaker that folds out on the player. I've had this in my truck (2002 silverado) for a little over a year. This unit does not play burned Cds however it will hookup to a CD changer that will.


I'd like 400 for the DVD player and Screen or if you're just interested in one shoot me an offer.


All of these Prices are semi negotiable and I'll take care of shipping. I take paypal and have sold a few things over on ls1tech.com


PM me if you're interested and I can get pics if you want them.




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I also have an Older Dell inspiron Laptop for sale, 300mhz 64mb ram 15gb or so hard drive (not sure exactly). 14" screen. Comes with a Carrying Case but I'll need to get a new OS put on it. This computer would be great for tuning I think, It has the USB port. Let me know if you're interested




[email protected]

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