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Not sure what the stock Rocker Ratio is on 5.3's, but was thinking about slapping a set of rollers (w/ bigger ratio) on. How much, if any will I gain?? I will possible put a cam in, in the future, but for now, just wanted to do this....(if there's gain)??? Also...will I need to chance springs?

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You'll see small gains from the increase in lift and a couple degrees in effective duration but it's kind of an expensive mod for the HP you'll get. If you're going to do a cam at some point anyway, you can accomplish everything with just the right cam profile that you would with the higher ratio rockers plus a compatible grind.


I would just swap in a high-lift cam with duration suited to your power and driveability goals. I think you'll be happier with the results and save some money in the long haul. With either choice you will need better valvesprings, and hardened pushrods are good insurance too. :D

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