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highest top speed in a sss


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i've been in a couple of them past 130. one of our members hit around 140 racing a subaru on the way to the track. of course these trucks had a slight whine under wide open.

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i have a few logged runs showing 130+. the 140 estimate was with him slightly pulling from the subaru which was doing 138 (140 speed in the wrx). we talked to the wrx owner when we got to the track.

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With my governer removed and high octane fuel I once drove 95 past someone on a 2 lane highway. Pretty wild huh? :crackup:


I save the speed driving for the camaro. Although the Silverado SS glides very nicely down the road at those speeds ... and actually I think I got better mpg at 90 mph for the 1.5 hrs that I drove home from a seminar ...

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