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FS: Silverstars and amber DRL bulbs


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Hey gang, I tried the Silverstars and decided I did not like them, so I am putting them up for sale; I will throw in a pair of new amber DRL bulbs, too. All of these bulbs are in as-new condition, having less than 10-hrs use on them. These are normally available at WalMart for $90; I will happily sell to the first person offering $20 + shipping. Reply to this thread with your promise of payment, then send me a private message (click the PM button below) to send me your shipping address. First person to both post here -and- send me their shipping address will be announced the winning bidder. I'll send the bulbs tomorrow and will trust that you will send your check/MO tomorrow as well.


Mr. P. :)


ps - I also have a PayPal account if you would rather pay me that way.

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Yea ! I missed it..oh well


But when these go in and out, and even if scratched how ever so lightly...( I think its the low beams that have a painted coating tip ) the life expectancy goes down drastically. But dam ! 20$ I would of been worth the gamble !


I used rubber surgical gloves to put mine in, body oil from your fingers will F the bulbs up too !


so I pissed away 80 bucks. I spent more that that in the Bars Friday night ! :crackup:



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