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header torque


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Sorry to all the repost nazi's, but i searched for over an hour and found nothin and i know its on here. I need the torque specs for a set of shorty headers, mine are leaking. Thanx guys.



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Good question... I don't think I've ever seen someone post the specifics for header bolts.


When I did mine I just torqued 'em to 1-dylan... in othe words I just tightened till they felt tight according to me.... no leaks yet *fingers crossed* :uhoh:

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I just installed the pass side headers and misread the torque specs, so instead of 20 they are at 40. The bolts are breslin intake manifold bolts who's specs are 90lbs so I'm not worried about the bolt breaking, however; two of the heads stripped a little so i doubt they will come out easy and im worried about the threads once things start heating up.

The breslin bolts have the inner part that expands so maybe that will help... ??? I like the idea that to tight is broken... by that I'm ok as long as I never take the headers off. Good thing they are CA carb legal.

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