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Quick question about rims/tires from blazer


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Im selling a set of rims on ebay right now that I still have from my previous car a 2001 Blazer extreme. The rims are chevy rims (16" rims) that came with the blazer and some people that are interested in them are asking me what the bolt pattern is on them and what the backspacing they are? If anybody nows what bolt pattern they are and the backspacing that would be great. Thanks, Adam



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Bolt pattern is 5 on 4 3/4, same as corvette, camaro, firebird.  As for backspacing :dunno:  Adam, just picked up a blazer for my girlfriend, how much for the wheels, and whats the ebay auction #?  Thanks. :cheers:


Hey thanks for that info. :thumbs: Im looking to get around $450 for them plus shipping. Here's a link to the auction.

Ebay auction

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