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Well, we've been REALLY busy since we got back. I made 7 jumps in a couple of months. *More than normal, because we always had extra chutes to fill* and on my 27th jump I landed in a hole and managed to dislocate my ankle 180* (backwards) and fracture my fibula. :banghead: Nothing I could do about it, fate landed me in the right place at the right time. SO I spent two weeks in hospital, had surgery and added some new plates, screws and pins to my left ankle and leg. Two cool long gnarly scars, and my SS sat in the parking lot, miserable. She was worried sick about me. She called my cell phone wondering where I was was..why I hadn't taken her out cruising? Washed her... I had to explain, she thought I ran off in "Little Missy" my GN... I told her no one could replace her, after all, she's my baby too. I knew when I ordered OnStar that the onboard cell phone would be the end of me. It's hard to juggle two relationships at the same time you know??? SS or GN? At least Little Missy is an older woman, she wasn't built when onboard cell phones were available. Damn the young women now a days! Silvia is hot! Just got to keep em seperated. Isn't that a song? :lol:


Sorry bout that, it's the meds, what have I missed? :flag:

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sounds like a real nice wound you got yourself there. i watched my buddy fastrope out of a 46.......his m16 got in the way, he lost his grip 1/4 of the way down, and his knee went snap turned the wrong way and he just laid there. it hurt to watch.


heal up soon :flag: and go drive that baby of yours before she gets even more jeleous and runs you down......crime of passion you know :jester:

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