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Pretty sure octance boost is okay :D In all seriousness, it depends on the dealership. Some are much more tighter than others. Best to not ask here and ask where you plan to have it serviced when a warranty issue arises. They should give you a pretty straight answer.

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Most simple bolt-on mods will not void your warranty, K/N intake kit, cat back exhaust and so forth. Superchargers, NOS, etc will only void the powertrain warranty. I worked at a Chevy dealer as a tech for 9yrs and vehicles that had the usual bolt-ons never had warranty issues. MY friend bought a Fod Lighting new in 94 and I install an MSD box, shorty headers(Ford Motorsport), K/N intake kit,cat back Flowmaster exhaust, 1in/2in drop, and an alluminum differential cover :D . He kept the truck spotless, about six months after he bought it the rear main seal started to leak. He took the truck to Ford to be fixed under warranty and the dealer called him back saying his warranty was voidedbe cause he modified the truck :mad: . Well since I was a dealer tech i told him they really could not do that. He did some research and and came across SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufactures Association) They hold that hugh show in Vegas every year for aftermarket auto Equip. He was able to speak to the prs of SEMA and told him of his problem, mean while he had his truck fixed $800 repair, The pres of SEMA told him Ford was wrong for doing that. His wife work for a law firm, well long story short he got his warranty reinstated and reinbursed for the repair. If you have any questions about aftermarket mods I beleive you can check the SEMA web site. :thumbs:

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