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work car problems....need help


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Well my work car is finally showing it's age(1995 Grand Prix). It's got power windows and the driver side window didn't want to go up today. It would not go up, so I turned the car off and started it back up and the window started working again. Any idea what part might be going bad? Also it seems to jump into 2nd gear too soon or something like that. When the automatic trans goes into 2nd gear, the RPM's drop around to 1,000 and the engine bogs down. Could the timing belt be going out. It seems like it shift too early. Not sure what's causing the problem. Any suggestions?


Thanks, Jeremy

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...it's a pretty easy job to replace a motor on one of those.


If you break one on the SS, then you are in trouble! The door glass regulator actually runs on a cable system (and a very flimsy one at that), and if it ever goes bad (motor or cable), you are replacing the entire assembly (not cheap)!

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On the window, I would say that the reguator is OK, but it could be the motor or the switch.  It could easily be either one...I have seen both create the exact same problem!

IDriveGTP is right, could be either one. Test the switch with a multimeter, see if it works every time... if not then the motor would be the culprit.

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