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Argggggh!!! Got my 1st ever speeding ticket

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Yep it finally happened...not bad for over 30 years of driving eh? :sigh:


Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know I'm an old bastard but I am young at heart. :driving:


It was a good kill for the cop...got me doing 75 in a 60...he was hiding behind a concrete freeway pillar in one of those "ghost" cars they have here to combat road rage and dumb asses. It was between donut time and lunch and I was just having too much fun and blam I see him and knew it was over. :eek:


Oh well, Z

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Sorry bout your luck. This may help.


Ask for a hearing by pleading not guilty on the ticket. When you get to the hearing the officer will give his testimony and records of the speed devise used and it's calibration certificate. If all of that stuff is in order which it probably will be, ask to judge for consideration towards lowering or removing the points. Let him know you have never had any tickets and are a reasonable driver but had a momentary lapse of concentration. By doing this one of 3 things will happen.

1) nothing...you get everything

2)Fine only and no points

3)The judge declares that day to be Christmas and you leave free of charge.


Be as respectful and friendly as you can. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. I have alot of police friends thru my job and this usually helps.


Good luck to you. Hope this helps.

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I got my first speeding ticket last month. 54 in a 35mph zone. I should have done what Quickmedic1 said. I got 4 points toward my licence :mad:

The cop was hiding behind one of those concrete pillars and when I saw him it was too late. The fine was $151.50. I just hope my insurance company doesn't find out.

Good luck,


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That is exactly what I'm trying to get him out of...those points. If your insurance company checks you backround they will see the violation. If they do then it has a chance of increasing your insurance. Some companies check and some don't. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Here in Indiana, they have 'Deferred Prosecution'....basically a probation period. When I got my ticket (had the Grand Prix GTP at the time), I had to pay the full cost of the ticket (about $110), plus a deferred prosecution fee (like $25). What happened is that for a period of 1 year I was on a probation period where if I got another ticket, both went on my record (points and all), but if I stayed out of trouble, the ticket disappeared! Thankfully I didn't get caught for that 1 year period and the ticket went away!

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