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going to vegas on I-15 ??


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all you socal people going to vegas and parts east beware of I-15 from e.main st barstow to afton road. this part is under repair again they getting ready to repave the road and it is F**KED up !!!! :banghead: pot holes, dips, uneaven lanes, junk,tires, nails, you name it it"s in the road way :smash::smash:

in the last 2 weeks i have been up there at least 15 times changing flats tires that have totaly come apart from hitting things on the road, or towing them in for repairs due to damage, broken rims, brake lines, oil pans,and some have rolled over :nonod: so whan you' all come threw please BE CAREFUL....


ALSO the CHP is out in full force cracking down on speeders. i inpounded a 03 mustang this morning he was doing over 100 mph. with a ba. of .22 :eek: the car is inpounded for 30 days @ $ 30.00 per day and $ 240.00 for the tow :D so take it easy

also the CHP are using new white fords all blacked out no markings with only one intena in the stock location sssoooooo you have been warned :nono::D


:driving: safe and have fun... :cheers:




BTW- repairs will be ongoing for the next 18-24 months :banghead::banghead:

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GREAT!!!  That's seriously gonna cut back on the fun of driving to the Vegas meet on the 3rd.  Everybody loves open roads + fast trucks + POTHOLES!!!! :banghead:  :sigh:


BTW..if you don't mind me askin..what towing company do you work for??



pm sent.......... :D



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Shoot, the Vegas run up the 15 doesnt get really fast til you hit Primm anyway...after that its freight-train time :)


I wish I was going-maybe next year-or if it gets done again later in the year...

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