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Confused and Angry!

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Well as some of you know I have bad luck and have been trying to recover from it for a little over a year now. I just got my tranny replaced with a STOCK one from the dealership that I had to pay 1700 for. I had a 3k stall converter and servo in it. They told me that they had to send it all to GM even including the aftermarket parts because if not they would have been charged for a core charge. Seeing is how my town is so small everyone knows what your doing. I just got a call from a friend and he asked me what stall I HAD in my truck and I told him. So I asked him why he wanted to know, he told me his friend had just bought my converter from the dealer for $20!!


I am so pissed off and I want to do something but im not sure where to start! MisterP! Help me out!?!?!? Can I do something about this??? That converter is worth $400 at the least and they pratically stole it from me and then sold it! I have proof that its mine. I can get serial numbers, I think, from my shop that ordered it.


I have been waiting on the tblazer converters to come back in stock and it would be great to just get my money from the dealer for it :dunno:



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Hey I work at a Chevy dealer as a tech, They were right about GM wanting the tranny back, but what they did not tell you was Gm want the tranny with all the hard parts (valve body, Input drum, planetary gear and so forth) the big parts. They did not worry to much about the small parts (solenoids, servos and so forth). Gm does want it with a converter, If you had the stock one you could have given it to them and asked for your stall converter back otherwise its theirs, usually the tranny guy has 1 or 2 laying around they could have put in it to send back, which is what they did here if someone bought it for $20. If it was a warranty repair Gm wants the tranny back just how it comes out of the vehicle so they can see what happend to it. In Fl. the law states the customer can request their old parts back when the repair is finished Except when their is a core but can inspect them. What you can try is to go to the general manager of the dealer and tell him your situation and let him know that the tech sold your old part most dealers reqiure all parts are scrapped. Atleast if you cant get reimbursed for it the tech wil get in trouble :D .

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There was either a simple misunderstanding on your part, or a manipulation on their part. I agree with tawss04 and this is my take on it:


This is what the dealer should have explained to you - you should have been told that the dealer would rebuild your existing transmission for $1700, but would take days longer because they would have to use your existing case and original hard parts in the rebuild. OR, you could have a transmission built from one of their donor transmissions, the cost would still be the same as the work and parts required are unchanged but you would have your truck back sooner because they are already prepared and have it ready to go.


So, the transmission you purchased was priced at $1700, *PROVIDED* you in turn give them a rebuildable transmission in trade (called a 'rebuildable core') that they can prep for sale to the next customer; if you are not able to give them a core to rebuild it is ok but they would have to add several hundred dollars more to your bill (a 'core charge') so they could run to the wrecking yard and buy the rebuildable transmission you were not able to provide.


Lessons is: whenever you have to provide a rebuildable core you don't HAVE to give them the EXACT part already in service, but you do have to give them one just like it - they would have been happy with any old 4L60E as a core provided it was rebuildable. Same story with your converter, they did not need that exact converter, just any truck converter they could rebuild and sell to the next customer was fine. As a matter of fact, they SHOULD have bitched at the converter and demanded the original one because there is no way they can sell it to the next customer, it's not the 'right' part.


You should have had all the preceeding explained to you clearly at the counter by the service manager, including the fact that they did not need the exact parts out of your truck as a core, just *any* 4L60E & converter would do as long as they were rebuildable for the next customer. And they should have explained that if you wanted to take your original aftermarket parts home with you that it was ok but you would have to provide substitute parts or pay extra for them being missing (the core charge).


If in all the fast talking you did not understand these points (I'm not blaming you here btw) then you unknowingly agreed to surrender those parts as cores. And now that the money has changed hands the legal contract is final, your used rebuildable parts are theirs and their used rebuildable parts are yours (installed in your truck now). On the other hand, if you were instead specifically told that those EXACT parts out of your truck were required or else you would be penalized a core charge then a prosecutable crime was committed and you were defrauded.


I would go straight to the dealer and raise hell, do not tell them that you just heard about your converter being sold to your buddy at the back door but rather that you just figured out you have been defrauded because you were led to believe that you COULD NOT substitute like parts for cores.


You may prize your aftermarket parts, but management doesn't give a rats ass because those parts just move forward to the next paying customer; management will be happy to trade you your aftermarket parts back for like rebuildable parts, but it may be too late as money has traded hands. But if they still have your servos I would trade them original OEM ones to get your aftermarket units back. I would also demand the same of your converter just to stir shit and see what happens by claiming that because of an honest misunderstanding on their part (in not coming forward with this important contractual detail) you have now suffered the loss of your expensive aftermarket converter.


But as they no longer have your converter, the damage there is probably already done. I would swallow my pride and without the dealer knowing offer your buddy $40 for it, because that is cheaper than having to pay again for another new one.


Mr. P.

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I do have the original converter and I was never told about any kind of core charge. I thought they just got a whole new tranny and put it in, they did give me a 5yr warranty on it :dunno:


The thing is, is that I know this dealer pretty well and I just want whoever actually sold the converter to the guy, to pay me or give me a tblazer converter :jester: I dont think the service mang or owner knew what the person selling it was doing.

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ok. If that's how you feel then go to the dealer, tell him that you have first-hand knowledge that your original converter is on the market and that you would like to offer $50 for it cash; that ought to prick his ears up...

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Fine. Then report to the dealer that you have first-hand knowledge that his employees are selling his inventory right out from under his own nose; that should get them fired if not arrested.

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