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Is this normal??


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I posted before not thinking it was a big deal but now I am a little worried. I was looking underneath the truck again and couldnt help but notice all the rusted areas. There were various bolts and screws. Most of them connected to the suspension areas and axle, front and rear, which had rust to, and parts of the frame had spots of rust. Are the undersides of yours like this. I called the dealer and he said he would get back to me with an answer. Thanks........... :banghead::tear:

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Mine's kinda like that, but I assumed it was because it came from Michigan. I was under mine on Sunday and noticed this, but all it is are parts that were not coated or paited, usually cast iron parts. I doubt the dealer will be able to do anything but maybe spray bomb the underside.

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I have the same thing going on under mine. I think there was a thread about this before, and somone said that there is something to put on it turns the rust black. I need to do that with mine, even thow it is not hurting anything it is just the fact of knowing that it is there..good luck

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Mine is the same, even interior seems to rust a little...


But don't mind, All these parts are full iron, so they won't brake.. The rust can even act like a protection...


And it rusts because they didn't put any protection over it; like a coating or something else...


It's just a shame; but what the hell; every brand has it's problems.


My former 2002 BMW (Full Option € 35,000) wasn't sprayed under the hood or trunk... , the trim on the passengers doors felt off from time to time, ...



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