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Spray painting???


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I recieved a bug deflector that i got off ebay for 28 cents :D and it was broke on arrival but I was able to glue it back and it is holding up perfect. I sanded it down so it was smooth over the glue area and had to spray it black. it was a pewter color to begin with. It came out looking very nice except there is a run mark right in the dead center. I have a bunch of clear spray paint coats on it so i was wondering how i can get out the run. is it basically the same as if normal paint had runs? Do i need to use a very fine grit and wet sand it or buff it out. just seeing if it possible or not

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By the time your done with all the paint costs and time, you could have bought a new one for $49.00.

how ya figure? i have the spray and everything else, even if not one can of black spray, $3.77, can of clear coat acrylic, $3.77 and sand paper, $5. it doesnt have to be perfect I was just curious about that little run that was in there. But I'm still under what it would have cost me normally :D I know what you meant tho autoguy but i dont mind messing with it as of now

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