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Saw a preview of a new show on Speed called "Pinks." That's right, racing for pink slips. Hopefully I'll catch it when it comes on.


I looked at the Speed TV programming and it said nothing listed for 5 weeks. If I catch the commercial again, I'll get the start date. :thumbs:


Late- Alex

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i just watched the sample episode and there are no words to describe how corny it is although it is alot better then those stupid twins that dont know a damn thing about muscle cars they have there show on the history channel witch is similar to pinks except two of the exact cars are given to two teams and the winners take both cars :driving:

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whoa! just watched the sample episode. not sure if the show will be any good but it was filmed not ten minutes from my house at cedar falls raceway. nothing ever happens here! and i never heard one peep about it???

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