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SS Exhaust

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I just got on a creeper and crawled underneath the CC.


It doesn't look like the SS exhaust would bolt on as the CC is a single pipe to the muffler instead of the duals on the SS.



You will need 6.0 manifolds and 6.0 1500 cat pipes,

I put a SSS magnaflow catback on My Ext Cab GMC,

I beleive the EXT Cb sb and CC are the same underneath.

I would suggest long tubes while your at it, I wish I did but money was tight.


Heres my post form another site;


-Finally Done, Thanks Magnaflow, Klugss and The Rock;

I put an entire Silverado SS exhaust on My 2003 GMC Sierra K1500 5.3 ext Cab. It didn't require any cutting or welding just some misc GM parts.

So for those who want some tame Duals and don't have to means to have it custom made, here's my bolt on version.


The first thing was to find 6.0l manifolds because the pasenger side collector flange differs slightly from the 5.3. I also had to obtain a 6.0l tranny- heat shield bracket. It acts as an exhaust Hanger as well.



Magnaflow (off the shelf Cat back) meant for a Silverado SS, part 15840

It features dual 2.5" pipes all the way back with two resonators under the cab for the drone.The system also uses a cross Flow Muffler to balance out the dual pipes.Fits on a k1500 with no problem, Granted you need the 6.0 cat pipes to match up or a custom shop to split the factory Y Pipe.




Before and after shot;




Sounds pretty quiet compared to My step side but all in all I like it for the daily Hog.I would of like to gone with headers but couldn't swing it right now. I had the factory shit coated due to the horrible salt up here.

Plus it looks cool.

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