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2Bar Tune Runs on 1st Attempt


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WOW, is all I can say. The tune is super rich right know but boy does this thing go... Boost comes in hard and fast from a roll, its a bit laggy from a stop but I think I can tune my way around it. I'm having trouble scanning right now so I'm just going off my WB02.


It's so smooth it really feels like a big jet at take off :eek::eek:



Anyway FlashScan is the BOMB guys. Radix or STS its super easy and I'm still in open loop for tuning... I'm set up to run the AutoTune feature using EFI Live scan tool and FlashScan. All you do is log while you drive and it will create a correction table to paste into your VE table for cells that you've driven in that were to rich or lean.



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Blew a intake pipe off tonight. The BOV doesnt hold up to the 14lbs of boost it lets go at 12 or so.


Zippy its been so long since I actually drove the truck with the 427 in it I'm not sure I'm ready to say yes or no yet. Once I get the tune dialed in I think I will, but its hard to say. Its not as fast yet but I'm still at 10.5 -11 for A/R


I can say I'm glad to be driving it again>>> its a nice truck, I kind forgot.


Erik, I now know what you can't put into words :D


Lots of little things to fix


Boost controler isn't working very well, it might not be large enough I guess.

Still have a oil leak at the drain.

Alky Injection has to go in, as I was getting some KR after 9lbs or so

It needs a good cleaning on the under carriage from the oiling issues I had.

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