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I was looking at a few grilles and just wondering where everyone bought theres and which one they bought. I would love to see some pics if you got em just so I can make an easier decision. The one that I liked the most so far was the Carriage Works. But I still cant decide. :dunno: Thanks........

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If I were to get a grill, it would definately be the same as 04CHASE. IMHO that is the best looking one out there. That's a bolt over right? That would be the only problem I would have with it, too bad it's not a cut out.


Late- Alex

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I really like 04Chase's grill. I am not sure if they have the air duct vents that match. Here is a link to mine. The main grill is bolt over and the rest is replacement.





I've seen the side vents also in that style. I like that grill, too.

04chase, I like the way your truck is set up. Sweet truck. :thumbs:

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