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u s carscene in holland


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Quite a turnout! But where was your SS??? There were 3 dodge trucks :puke:


It is interesting to see such a varitey of cars in a show together. Here in the US we tend to segment things by brand, year or modification style. I guess we have to, otherwise a car show of all American cars would just be the parking lot :lol:

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Very nice.  But, where do you guys get all of the American cars from?  AND, where is yours?  Who is the blonde?


T :chevy:


Most cars are imported not throug dealer but by specialty shops and some do it theirselfs.


I wasn't there this time so who the blond is :dunno:


The sss is at the transshop :banghead::banghead:

11.6 and 12.6 there is an dragrace explosion.nl hope that sss is ready.

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Very impressive line-up... The little Crosley truck was a surprise. Most people (on here) wouldn't remember them ('46-'52). They were made by a refrigerator / appliance mfg. That little truck is rare. Really nice pieces tho... even tho some of 'em would never be resto's in the US... no interest. 'Noticed more than a few rebel flags too... (yeehaaa!). Given the price of gas in Europe... how do you guys afford it? I'm assuming the blonde was a TV event reporter. 'Never expected that from the Netherlands. Never 'been there... closest I got was Wilhelmshaven in Neidersachson.

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