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Rim needed


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so im on my way home in my blue '03 SS :driving:

traffic is a bear. :devil:


i try to further myself by skirting around a slow a$$ dump truck.

he speeds up, and forces me to jump a curb and bend my front drivers side rim a bit. :banghead:


didnt flatten the tire or anything, but its a significant bend in the 'rim' of the wheel.


does anyone on here have 1 stock SS rim in the brushed aluminum look.. not chrome that they want to sell me? Id rather pay you than the greedy dealer :withstupid:


[email protected] or [email protected] im in chicago.

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do not go through a dealer, they tried to charge me almost $600 for one silver rim, look around and you'll find one, i got one off ebay for $100. I believe there are several people here selling 4 rims, and there has been a few people asking for 1 rim as well, maybe all you can buy one rim from whoever is selling a set

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I bent one of my wheels so bad that it wouldn't hold air. There is a company that one of the savage yards around here uses and they charged me 125.00 to fix mine and repaint it. It also comes with a warranty. They shipped it out and I had it back in like 3 days.

Let me know if you need their info.


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