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Ok i woke up today, went out to my SS and opened my door and heard POP! I looked over and found that the side of the door smacked into my fender when i opened it, chipping off 1 inch of paint off the door panel's edge! I then remembered that when i took the SSS in a few weeks ago to have a sqeaking in the door fixed, they told me they had to realign the door and locks to fix the squeaking. Apparently they put the door a little TOO close to the fender. It wouldnt have been a problem but today it was 95 and the truck sat out all day, so the steel must have expanded a little. I took it right to the dealership and the manager tried telling me that it popped because the fender was bent in from someone leaning on the door. I told him either to fix it or i would call Chevy headquarters and make a complaint. So he agreed to paint it and fix the door too. Within 3 months of having this truck i have had the following problems:


1. Sqeaking door


2. Shitty paint repair on my rear bumper


3. Failure of transmission to engage reverse


4. Transmission seemed to slip the other night after i took off from a red light.


5. Rust on my wheel.


6. Rust on the trailer hitch.


7. Sqeaking Door is back


8. Other side of truck is squeaking now.


9. Door missaligned chipping paint off panel


10. Factory paint imperfection on rear drivers quarter.




Does any of this warrant a request for a replacement truck or lemon law?

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I had the reverse and transmision problems looks like it's very common on these trucks..


My 02 Z71 had those exact same problems.....and then at 35,018 miles the tranny froze on my going down the highway at 50 mph....scary sound hearing gears grinding!

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