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Some of my Toys... Both SS ;)

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Finally took some pics today of both my SS toys...


The Truck still isn't finished. Next week the windows will be tinted more, the Shopman Bowtie is on it's way; and I'm looking for original Xenon headlights...


But here you've got an idea...


The Bike:


Honda CBR 929 RR FireBlade 2001


Changes until now:


- High polished and sprayed wheels

- HID headlights

- removed original indicators in front; and build in headlights

- Braking WaveDiscs front / rear

- GoodRidge brakelines front / rear

- Mirrors away; built on clipons

- Zero Gravity Screen

- All nuts & bolts in same color: silver / black / gold

- Changed the back (Topline) Building LED lights right now

- Rear Wheel Hugger

- Mono Seat

- Titanium pedals, changeable in height en dept

- other sprockets and chain

- Complete Laser exhaust line

- Other handles; weights on clipons

- Toby Steering damper

- Digital Gear Indicator

- K&N Sport Air Filter

- Fuel / Injection Computer

- ...


Measured on powerbank: 132.5 PK on the rear wheel


Future Plans:


- Respraying; same color

- different seat


and here are the pics...






Damn; how do I make these pics visible?

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i think the links were missing a few letters or something because when i did it without looking at the pics it came up with the X. After i clicked on the link and the pic showed, i copied the url and clicked the IMG tab and enter it in the box then hit ok. Thats when they showed up

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Saving money for the boat though... ;)


first a house; and new project (read '80s Porsche Carrera)


Then I'll go for the boat...


After the weekend I'll post my pocket-bike.




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