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Vid of my buddy's Nova launching....


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He's gone high 9's with no bottle, high 8's on the bottle, and there is more in store for sure....

He runs on the street quite regularly, it's a Yenko CLONE, done tongue in cheek, he even has a "bill of sale" that was "cloned", parachute and all.



Check out the video, there is no sound, and it's in slow motion, but it's all he gave me!


Street car LAUNCH!


(Check out his non-existant wheelie bars! )

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His car is a 1969, and he has run an 8.87 already, I *think* that's his best run.

I have another buddy who is building a 1969 Nova as well, he has a 509ci set-up with a RATHER large NOS set-up... ;)

He's looking for 8's as well.


I remember when a street car was insane when it could run 10's, nowadays it seems that even an 8 second street car isn't "THAT" unusual...?

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