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Indy Meet II

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Alright guys/gals,


Since Joe (6.0SS) will be in town (Indy) on August 20, I figured that we could meet up again!


Chime in here and let's see how many we can get this time!


We REALLY need to beat 5 SS's this time!


P.S. - the event that Joe will be at is at IRP (Indy Raceway Park)

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:cheers: Indianapolis IRP on the 20th of August  :thumbs: My calendar is clean on that weekend. I have to touch Joe's truck anyway  :nono: since he doesn't want anyone too do that.I hope to be in Terra Haute on the 9th of July Saturday night too at the Walbash Valley Dragway. Alot of guys at work are running in those classes  http://www.wabashvalleydragway.com/



I think Joe just figured out this thread was here......all I can hope it that I get a ride in his truck....(if i'm really good)!

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Yea Guys Ill be there even if i have the show at IRP or not.. I Enjoyed the drive last time..


(forgot indy was an hour earlier) So i got there late and my truck was a little dirty, (rob won't let that down)


It will be a fun gathering.. Ill see if I can get my brother to come down with me ,, he has a blue SS.....

But yea.. come on guys.. let get this together!!! Especialy those that can't make it to zippy's event!!!



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