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Have a question for members with TOG headers


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I am looking to get a pair of TOG headers within a week or so, but looking at them they are 'mid lenght', so my question is how do they bolt up to the stock exhaust? Is there anything else needed like a new y-pipe or just cut and weld the old one or the best case scenario does it just bolt up? Also, which ones did you order (ex: 1999-2005 6.0 Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, with Liter). And lastly, how do you guys like em overall?

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I love 'em! They have a great fit and finish (get the ceramic coating) and they sound great too. I can't comment on how it fits to the stock exhaust because I went with a completely custom set up from the headers back. Worth the money though in my honest opinion. The mounting flange thickness alone you can see the difference in quality compared to other header companies out there.

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