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what should i use


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just bought a downey tonneau cover the sss as a temporary stand in untill i am able to get my gaylord hopefully not to far down the road. for the other guys and/or gals out there that have them what is the best thing i can use to keep the vinyl looking. i live down here in florida and the sun does seem to fade those type of things out. everyone tells me not to use armor all but no one seems to know what i should use. any ideas. :dunno:

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And if you read the info, you can use it on your tires, leather, door seals, and misc. items.

So basically just the vinyl back seats and tonneau cover?


Did you click on the link...?


303 Aerospace Protectant keeps UV-sensitive materials “like new” year after year. Use on Rubber: Tires, neoprene, latex, door and trunk seals, weather-stripping, EPDM rubber roofs, CV boots, waders, wet suits. Vinyl: Convertible tops (and the clear vinyl windows), isinglass, marine seating, tonneau covers, car bras, covers, spa covers, pool covers. Inflatable boats: Hypalon, PVC and urethane blends. Gelcoat fiberglass: Boats, RV’s, snowmobiles, jet ski’s. Plastics/acrylics/polycarbonates: Lexan® and acrylic panels/windows/windshields/covers. Carbon-fiber/resin composites: Fishing rods, “nude” bike frames. Finished leather: Upholstery, motorcycle leather, trim, tack, fine apparel. Pool & Patio: Plastic furniture (not fabric), pool inflatables, slides, covers. Sailcloth: Dacron® and monofilm

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