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Instrument cluster Question?


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Can the clear plastic cover of the instrument cluster, be seperated from the black plastic surround bezel without destroying it? It seems to be glued onto the black case. I have a wood dash kit for the SS and I also bought the piece that would surround all the gauges but it seems like it needs to be under the clear plastic cover to fit correctly. Any help at all that you guys could give me would be deeply appreciated. :cheers:


Thanks, Dave

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Yes it can be removed but it must be cut carefully at the edge were they meet and after you put the peice on the glue it back together with black adhesive silcone sealant.


Thanks for the quick reply. What would you suggest to cut it with? I am thinking a utility knife and a steady hand so I don't fill the inside with shavings from using a hack saw blade or something like that. Any ideas? Thanks once again for the help.

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