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Saw an old friend...


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Well I was in a bar Saturday night and saw a friend I knew from highschool. He asked me what I have been up to. The only thing I said ride my horse and drive my expensive truck. He immediately said, "You drive the SS Silverado I see around town." Made me feel so proud to own such a flashy truck!!!! :D


That is all. Just thought it was neat!

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I had the Dodge owners version of that.... :lol:


I was in a restaurant with a LARGE group of friends having a "reunion" type dinner, and some guy who I haven't seen in 6 or 7 years comes in and starts telling a buddy about a mint old Dodge truck with a functional scoop and dual quads sitting out in the parking lot, with descriptive words such as "whacko" and "nuts" flying around loud enough for me to hear.


As soon as he saw I was there, he yells, "IT'S GOTTA BE YOURS!"


Boy, that musta been tough to figure out!


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