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New Supercharger Kits from Joe Gibs Performance!

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JGP's much sought after superchargers have been the recipient of a technical "makeover"! The NEW & IMPROVED JGP SUPERCHARGERS are NOW AVAILABLE for most all truck and SUV Gen III V8 engines plus ’97-’04 C5 Corvettes & ’04 GTOs.


Making use of Eaton's Gen V "Hybrid-Roots" internals, an integrated blow-off valve and a new aluminum manifold with equal length intake runners, the system makes 5.5lbs of boost. The lower boost allows the JGP Supercharger to deliver approximately 100 horsepower and 125 lb-ft of torque more than stock in a reliable and warranted* package. Speaking of reliability, the new kits also feature a totally new calibration and the necessary transmission parts** to help your vehicle properly deliver its newfound power.


Installation time is greatly reduced due to the simplicity of the kit without an intercooler. However, an optional intercooler is available for extreme temperature locations, towing applications and Hummer H2s. This kit comes complete with all necessary brackets, connectors, hardware, fuel line disconnect tools, new fuel injectors, fuel rails, factory "push-lock" connectors, regulator adapter and PCM programmer.


"Working with engineers at General Motors, we identified areas of the calibrations that really needed to be addressed. Sophisticated software calibrations that improved all drivability concerns were then developed," explains Joey Walls, GM/VP of Joe Gibbs Performance. These are the most comprehensive supercharger kits available today. No other supercharger kit offers JGP's combination of OEM quality, power, performance, transmission durability and calibration.


Prices start at $4,495.



Please visit the JGP speedshop (http://www.joegibbsperformance.com/speedshop/performance.php?perNum=7) for more details.



* Optional three year/36,000 mile powertrain limited warranty provided in concurrence with the GM 3yr/36,000mi factory warranty. This limited warranty only applies to vehicles with less than 12,000 miles that have been in service less than one (1) year. Vehicles with 1,000-12,000 miles that have been in service less than one (1) year must be inspected by a certified installation facility of JGP's choosing before the supercharger is installed. Vehicles that exceed these limits will not qualify for this powertrain limited warranty.


**Applies to automatic transmissions only

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