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CD Player that works with OnStar,XM,BOSE.....

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Well, now that im upgrading my system again, these 12s obviously hit a different freq. But now my cd player is starting to skip. I was just wondering what cd player to get and what extras do I need to get the XM, Onstar, BOSE, and steering wheel controls work. Help

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You will not find an aftermarket piece that works the onstar for you..


The XM antenna you can use and the steeringwheel controls you can use with add on kits to most decks. But Onstar will be lost!

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It is not in the works as we speak, And I don't think that a company will work that into there system.


our factory radios work on a data buss system that incorporates many functions in it.


(before the adapters people were hiding the factory headunits somewhere else in the truck or car)


Now that that there are adapters that eliminate the function,(on star) or take care of the duty for the missing head unit companies probably won't find it necessary to help out GM only cars here in the states, Remember most radios are sold all over the world!!!


In short, don't hold your breath for it! A way around your problem though is to use the input ability of your factory deck and the PAC audio adapter and hook up an aftermarket DVD/CD/MP3 player that would not skip on you and also give you the ability to run PS2 and Monitors in your truck with the factory deck,,

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If the only reason you're looking is that yours is starting to skip, how about a replacement factory head unit? I see them for sale at the Avalanche web site (CAFCNA.com), as well as others, by people who are putting in aftermarkey units.

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ask for pieces and ye shall receive


ONSTAR piece


and since you have onstar and want to retain it's use instead of the VT-GMRC-01 piece you need this one


another PAC



as for steering controls




yeah i know this is a no name store but a few of us live close to it's location and those bookmarks I had


almost forgot to mention the XM...most aftermarket HU have to have an external tuner but you can use same antenna nice thing though if you decide you want sirius then you can still use same antenna

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what HU do you have now? kenwood?


typically Pioneer and JVC have excellent features....Alpine also but you tend to pay more for them with the same features


as far as what price range you're looking at as well as what you have now would be great to know

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I am getting the factory HU replaced because of the paint chippings on it but thats not gonna help the skipping because thats from the 12s that I have now.


I would like a Cd player with an internal tuner for the XM. And I also have sirius


So, how much do yall think everything will run me?

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only HU I know of that has integrated tuner is an Alpine CDA-9820XM


costs anywhere from 275 to 350 (350 is retail)


as for total costs...depends on if you install it or not...labor plus parts you're looking at as a guess


350 for HU (we shoot it high just to give you an absolute max)

200 for the two onstar/bose pieces

70 for the steering wheels controls

and I'll ballpark 120 for labor just because if you go to Best Buy or Circuit to get it done they like to bend you over a bit


so max = 740ish

I gave you from my sites a price of = 540 for the pieces + labor (300 for HU...have seen it for 275 on ebay though and the other pieces can be had for less other places but as far as one shipping charge from logjam (anyone remember The Big Lebowski?) it'd probably save you in the longrun

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Well if you don't like that unit from alpine you're SOL for right now at least cause that's it in the integrated market until prob the 4th quarter when Clarion, JVC, Sony, and Pioneer (possibility although right now you can get tuners for them in either XM or Sirius...so theirs is in the air).


Goodluck otherwise.

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