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Got fireworks????


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I finished buying everything for the 4th of July. I can't believe how much I spent this year compared to buying nothing last year. I actually got a damn good hook up from my partner. All of it was sold to me at cost! :cheers: I bought one or a few of everything he had. Funny thing is I don't have any kids!!! :crackup: There will be alot of family kids at my place though so I basically did it for them....... Ya, right!!!!! No firecrackers or anything that makes loud constant noises, I'm getting old ya know? Alot and I mean ALOT of cakes (24 or so), 3 packs of skyrockets (4 each/pack), 4 packs of roman candles (6 in a pack), (4) 100 shot crackling missles, 6 boxes (case) of triple break mortars (12 triple break shots/box equals 36 total shots and I have 6 boxes), 10 or so fountains, and a little more odds and ends. It should be a BLAST!!!!! :flag::thumbs:






Late- Alex

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Looks like fun!!


Be careful, specially around the kids. My cousins husband and son are now in U of M burn center from a fireworks accident last weekend. One of the mortars didn't go off so the went to check and the pipe they were using blew up in their faces.

Have fun but stay safe.

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