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trucks with radix kit...question for you

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This may sound like a dumb question.... Where is the intercooler on the radix kit? is it water to air, air to air. where does it mount? any pictures installed?

Here is why i ask.

My daily driver has a magnacharger/eaton on it and is non-intercooled. I am looking to make a custom intercooler set-up, but am not familiar with the intercooler set-up on the magnacharger kit.

Thanks for any help.

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:chevy: On the intercooled unit, you have to replace the whole intake manifold. Magnuson has a beautiful blower/manifold that circulates water thru it for the intercooling effect. I don't really think you can make a non intercooled unit intercooled. I guess you could, if you had the time, and money to experiment. The intercooled Magnuson is a fantastic piece!
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The intercooler is mounted in the very front and is air to water.

Actually, that is the heat exchanger you are talking about.


The intercooler is right under the Radix itself, and cools the air charge before it goes into the motor.


Intercooler (under the Radix):




Heat Exchanger (looks like aftermarket to me):



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The tranny cooler is still in that pic, it's located behind the big heat exchanger. If you look, you can see the two lines coming up to it toward the middle.


Aftermarket brackets are available to flip the h/e down into the lower valence opening, therefore allowing install of bigger tranny coolers, or at least better airflow for the stock tranny cooler.

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Do you know who offers the bracket to move the intercooler down. My trany temp has been going up since I put the heat exchanger in.

I got mine from blownchevy over a year ago. He hangs out mostly on the LS1tech site. Magna may offer them. It's the pieces used on the JGP trucks, so they may have them also.

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