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I have 3 TView 7.5 inch monitors left from a bulk purchase that I made with my car club.


I figured that I will build SS Members a custom one off centerconsole mount, Paint it any desired color you like, angle it any way you like, and sell them to SS members only!.


I have 3 left. Blacky13ss put the dibs on the first one a couple of weeks ago.


Price is 270$ that includes the TV and anything custom you want done to it! (angle, Texture, color, etc)


Let me know if you want one,, first 3 people get them for this price!!! Then IM outa them!! :cheers:






Dylan,, Got yours done!!!!!







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The only thing keeping me from buying one is that I dont know how to send video from my dvd player.


Does anyone know anything about Myron & Davis screens? It is the 7.8 one with the built in dvd and it only has audio and video inputs. I think there is a place to hook a cord up but I dont know

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I have one left! 3 are spoken for, I will reserve those on a PM basis,, or Dan if you want one you would be the last one to get it,, your name is down.




The Tv is silver colored. and it is a TVIEW 7.5 inch with built in speaker.

The harness is very simple and has a power, Ground, a video input and one audio input.


I would like to be paid via PayPal,,

[email protected]


In order to make it perfect, I need to have your dash piece. ( I could use mine but they are not all exactly the same. (found that out the hard way) I don't need the black pocket,, just the grey surround, also if I have your dash part I can secure it so it won't come free unless you really want it to! :cool:


I just need to know a couple of things. Do you want the panel textured or Smooth and what color do you want it, (I usually do black or matching grey color) (Black looks best)


My turn around time is a week or less from when I get the dash piece from you, I have done about 5 of these so far for people. some put TV's in them.. others mount GPS units or other things, but one thing is the same.. they turn out great!!


My work address is

Accurate Office Supply

ATTN: Joe Krelle

260 Gerzevske Ln

Carol Stream, IL 60188



Joe Krelle


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Ok,,, im kinda got people on a waiting list for this thing... So let me get those that are buying them takin care of.......


But I might have to order another run of them If I order 6 screens or more i get them for 109 plus shipping instead of 139$ like normal.

I don't make money on the screens.. only the part that I make for you!


If the waiting list gets to 6 deep, I will order another group of them and make 6 more.. but I won't bring in 6 more unless they are guaranteed. (I don't want to be stuck with them!) I can get them in black or silver! (the black is never in stock)


I can always make them for any screen too, if you have a screen laying around that you want to have a part built for contact me and I can quote you on it!!


(now that my truck is done I can do stuff for other people)


Joe K

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Ok here is the list as it sits,

Backyss13 has one


Dylan (alpine monitor, not TVIEW)



That means I have One more left!!!

Ohh and here is picture of one with the Lowerace unit in it.



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I had a how too on here but it is no longer in the how to section,, (guess mods got board with it) Soo


The filler plate is 1/8 inch mdf and coated with body filler for finish,strength and continuity. Then sanded down, textured, painted,, glued to the stock panel (but not so much that you cant return it to stock)


Here are some pics along the way making one for another member!!




This is why I need your stock dash piece.. cause it is molded to fit perfect!!!!








Joe k!

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