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Happy 4th everybody!


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Well, I just woke up from lastnight and I feel like there is a midget jumping in my head so I dont know what else the day has instore for me. The river is a big thing where I am from, so whats better than a sandbar, good beverages, and bbq. I think thats what I am going to do.

Have a happy and safe 4th.

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Well, I went to Lake Claibourne and had so much fun. My friend's dad has an awesome lakehouse. We drank all day and ate the best chicken. (His dad sells cooking equipment.)


We have an island we go to called Snake Island and it has a rope swing. But you have to know how to swing because the water is shallow and then drops of a little at a certain point. Soooo the first three swings were great! Then comes the fourth one, right after finishing a 12 pack. My eyes decide to go dizzy right when I take off and for some wierd reason I thought it was time to let go, it wasnt. I face planted in about a foot of water. Other then a little bit of redness, I was ok. Didnt really hurt my pride because it made everyone laugh, I hate when people are quiet.


But here comes the real bad news. Right in front of our lakehouse, some guy drownd and they had to scuba dive all day to find him. I dont know if they did or not. They say one person dies a year on this lake, I just didnt think it would be right in front of me.

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I went out of town to my grandparent’s lake house in Livingston. Ate a lot, we had chicken, brisket, sausage, ribs, and pork tenderloin, as well as all the usual side dishes. Shot a lot of fireworks (like $1500 worth). Came back today.

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