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will this PCM work in the SSS?


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so the magnacharger is on, the 42# injectors will be in soon, and the new exhaust in on... carbon fiber driveshaft should be done being built within a month, TB converter is backordered, gonna order the zippy kit soon and vette servo...


next move is to get it tuned, I have read about people keeping there stock PCM incase they want to return to stock and I already have an extra one but I dont know if it'll work or not...


I parted out a '02 2wd 5.3L escalade and kept the PCM, so I was thinking I could have that tuned but will it matter that it was originally intended for a 5.3L, or will the tune fix that??


late :wtf:


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you could talk to keith he actually does some good stuff  especially if you are thinking pcmforless type of deal, not that bryan isnt good either :driving:


yeah, I thought about going with Bryan's but I like the idea of being able to drive to a local shop as more mods come so we can re-tune....


I want those DAMN dynatechs but $1000+ is rough....



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