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Tuning a EFI Boat

Crazy Al

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Ok you tuning guys I have a question for you. My father has a Merc Cruiser 454 Mag in his 27' Checkmate. Last year we put an intercooled Vortech supercharger on it and sent the PCM to Vortech to be reprogrammed. We adjusted the fuel pressure according to thier specs, but the boat seems to be running a little rich. Can this be tuned with EFILive or Hypertuners? I'm not sure how I'd plug into it or if a harness would need to be made. How hard do you guys think it would be to adjust the air/fuel levels for a beginner like myself. If I can get him to buy something maybe I'll go in half with him and use it on my truck too. Thanks.




P.S. It does 80 and when I ride in it I look like :D

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My father actually bought a kit from AZ Speed and Marine the year before that included a new flame arrestor, MSD ignition and a reprogrammed PCM. Didn't notice much differance, but I'm trying to prevent sending the PCM out multiple times to be adjusted.

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i would check with the guy from mondax. they make the tunercat tuning system and i'd guess that would be your best way to make that work. tuning yourself is your best bet of course of making this work.

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