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replacement muffler


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Does anyone make a drop in muffler for the SS? Two in and two out. Don't really see a big gain for the money out of a cat back. It already has duals all the way back untiil after the muffler then cuts down to one. Dual tail pipes and a X pipe and you got duals all the way back. Tell me if I'm wrong but unless your doing major mods a cat back isn't a good bang for the buck is it?

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I did the Flowmaster #530513 muffler, it is 2 in and 1 out with an extension pipe to mate up to the stock tailpipe. I had some issues with mine, but most report easy install. If you are taking it to a muffler shop they should have no problem. After doing the install I saw good gains and the truck now sounds like pure evil. If you like quiet this may not be the muffler for you, though, it is loud at times during acceleration, but pretty tame at cruising speed. I also like this design because it also eliminates the factory Y that is actually a restricion in itself, as it chokes down to 3" before flaring up to the 3.5" tail, whereas the Flowmaster is 3.5 right out of the muffler all the way.

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I've got a Jones 3" dual in/out on mine, not exactly a drop in but they probably have one that would fit with an extension pipe. It's so loud that when I drive by cemetarys people sit up and wave :cool:

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