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After 26 hours hours of plains and 4 airports i and the wife and kid arrived at hawaii. so now i am on internet-tv and say aloha to you all, espececialy dylan who i will call on the way back through cali., gretings from all of us.

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Quick tips for Kauai... since it is my vacation playground :cool:



Have dinner at the Bali Hai resturant in the Hanalei Bay Resort... you won't be disappointed

if you like sushi go to Sushi & Blues in downtown Hanalei

the Hanalei Dolphin is good for lunch



Tahiti Nui's in downtown Hanalei... killer local hangout




Hanalei Bay

Rock Quarries



Have fun brother!! Enjoy the island... its the most beautiful place on the planet :imo

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thanx guys and girl, kauai is the best place to go so tnx for the advise on this site earlier. i am staying at the raddison and enjoying my holliday, its very nice overhere. the truck-scene overhere is the higher the beter and 4x4, i haven't seen an sss.overhere. food. people wether are super.

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