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HELP: how long does PCM need to reset fuel/spark?


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Quick question for experienced PCM guys - I got some bad gas yesterday, fortunately only 3/8-tank. I refilled today at another station, the truck runs smoothly now but is down on throttle response, so am I right suspecting that the PCM needs time/mileage to reset fuel trims and advance? If so, how long or how many miles until the PCM 'optimizes' its tune? I need to know because I want to run 1/8-mile tomorrow! :driving:


Thanks in advance -

Mr. P. :)

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there are a few variables that wil reset this. it will retry to start again on the high octane table after a certain number of miles or warm up cycles. i believe it's somewhere around 50. if you run the tank low though i believe it will also attempt after it see's the fuel level change as it would in a fill up. this along with evap system tests is why the fuel level was added to be run through the pcm.

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